e-Proceeding of the Economics and Management Sciences 2015

"Economics and Management Science in Community Sustainability"

Conference dates: 12th & 13th October 2015

Venue: Bayview Beach Resort Hotel, Penang , Malaysia

e-ISBN: e-ISBN: 978-967-0792-05-7

The GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES 2015 (GEMS 2015) focuses on the complex interconnection between economics and management sciencet. This conference provides a platform for researchers, academicians and students to present, debate and exchange ideas on issues relevant to the conferences focus. GEMS 2015 - undeniably - is also an opportunity for researchers and enthusiasts to build and expand network with their fellow counterparts!

GEMS 2015 was planned with the following objectives in mind:

1. To provide a platform for researchers, academicians and students to share and exchange ideas on economics and management science.

2. To advance the scholarship in the studies on the roles of economics and management science in community development and sustainability.

The focus will be on the connection between management science and community development. The secretariat invites theoretical and empirical papers, case studies and conceptual frameworks - in English or Malay - which address the conferences sub-themes:

1.Cooperative economics and development
2.Human capital management
5.Halal industry
7.Business Studies
9.Business and commercial laws
10.Strategic management
11.Actuarial science
12.Insurance and Takaful
14.Intellectual property management
16.Leadership and governance
17.Sustainable development
18.Crisis and disaster management
20.9.Market equity Banking
21.Capital resources and finance
22.Corporate social responsibility management
23.Management policies and practices
25.Sports industry
26.Tourism and hospitality industries
27.Cottage industry
28.Small-and-medium enterprise (SME)
29.Shariah compliance and audit
30.Islamic finance
31.Business informatics and ICT
35.Consumer behavior

e-ISBN: 978-967-0792-05-7

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